HPE – Passing And Throwing

Today we learned how to catch and throw a ball.

First, Miss White demensated how to throw a ball, you have to put your non dominant foot infront, and your feet should face where you want to throw, use your hands to make a w on the ball, push forward when throwing.

Next, we played mini octopus as a warm up, The square was small so we had to step the taggers. When a player gets tagged they become a seaweed and can tag other players without moving.

Then we got into three and formed a triangle. We practised passing the ball . We had to pass the ball 20 times and then sit down when we were done.

Lastly we played a game called circle passing. A person has to be in the middle and passes to the other player that has to form a circle. we basicly had to sit down first. You had to pass 20 or 40 times before your team could sit down. If you drop the ball you have to start again.

I enjoyed this because a learnt how to pass. I did well on trying to beat the other. I need to improve on passing.