Today we learned how to play netball.

First we practiced passing the ball and defending the ball. There were two defenders and there were two people to shoot the ball.

Next we had to get into two teams bibs and non-bibs and we had to get all of the balls from one hoop to the other, but we coulden’t run with the ball only the ones who did not have the ball could run. So we got into a line and pass the ball to each other.

Lastly we played a game called Jedi  netball. There was a Jedi which is a person who heals people if they are sitting down, we had to try and block the ball from hitting the Jedi if we catch the ball then the person who threw the ball has to sit down, we played 5 or 6 rounds and we lost.

I enjoyed playing Jedi netball, I think I did good at passing, I need to improve on getting people out by hitting the ball.