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Treasure Hunt

I did a task called Treasure Hunt.

First we had to get the materials the materials were: cardboard, pipe, a light wieght, a pen, a long thing that can tie two things and a piece of paper.

Next we could make a type of box if we wanted to and we did so we could get extra points.

I enjoeyd this because I got to create something. I did well on making the box. I need to improve on labbelling the parts.

Poetry Slam

I did a task called Poetry Slam.

First I looked at some of the examples for the poems.

Next I made a copy of a google slide and then I put images and wrote my poem.

I enjoyed making a poem, I think I did well on writing the poem, I need to improve on writing a better poem.

Basic Facts Boxes

I completed a basic facts can-do in multiplication.

my finishing time was 2 minutes and 13 seconds and i got all of the answers correct.

I did well on getting all the answers correct, I need to improve beng for faster while doing my multiplication.

Own Story

I learnt how to write my own story.

First I brainstormed characters, character names, and the settings. For example: hangry is a character name.

Next I planned my story on a narrative planner, the structure of a narrative is TOPES.

I enjoyed this because I learnt how to write my own story. I did well on planning my story, I need to improve on making it more interesting.



I learnt about temperature.

First Miss white told us what Temperature is measured in, it’s measured in degrees but it’s also called degrees c.

Next I had to make a copy of a google docs where it had questions like ” The temperature falls by 5 degrees from 8 degrees the new temperature?” and I had to answer it, I also learnt rise means add and fall means takeaways.

Lastly I made a DLO talking about what the hottest place on earth is and what the coldest place on earth

I enjoyed learning about temperature,  I need to improve answering the questions faster.



I learnt about Evaluation.

First we talked about Evaluation. Evaluation is to think about two sides of an issue, in a group we had to talk about why stealing is ok or not.

Next we wrote about why people stole and what will happen on a google slide. and also did a brainstorm on a piece of paper. For example: yes, You can Gather food from the sea under limits Isn’t stealing. No, because you can make someone not happy and they might do something bad to you if they found out that it was you.

Lastly we wrote a recount about Evaluation.

Comment Thread

I created a comment thread with Myah.

A comment thread is a conversation about learning using your blog comments section.

To do a comment you need to reply to somebody who commented on your blog. After you have replied, the first person will reply again, until you have created a conversation.

To make a good comment you need to have a greeting, a helpful comment, a positive comment, a question, a thoughtful comment, and a connection.

Basic Facts Boxes

I finished a task called basic facts.

First I had to set a timer.

Next I did the addition in order. I got a 100%.

I enjoy this because I get to test myself on maths so I can finish faster more often. I did well on maths. I need to improve on doing it a little faster.

SSR Selfie

I did a can do task called SSR Selfie.

First I read a book called Claudia and it means Janine for 15 minutes, then I wrote who the main characters are [Claudia and Janine], then after I wrote who the author and the illustrator is ANN M. MARTIN.

Then I wrote a short recount and then I wrote down 3 words and their meanings.

I enjoyed reading this book, I think I did well on writing the short recount. I think I need to improve on writing better meanings for the words.