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Ripper Ruby

This week foe pe we did Ripper Rugby.

The first thing we did is passing, we all got into groups of 4 and we passed the rugby ball.

Next we did a Rely race we had to pass the ball at the person beside us we had 3 people in a line, and we had to go all the way to the end and come back.

Lastly we played Ripper tag we had 2 teams on each side bule and red on one and the same on the other, 3 people from each team would go in the sqaure and we would try to rip each others tags, and the red team won [which was my team].

I enjoyed playing rely race, I need to improve on being faster when playing rely race, I did well on Ripper tag.

Ki O Rahi / Stepping

Today I learned how to step in ki o rahi.

First Ahli demonstration to the class how to step.

Next we played a stepping relay, We had to step to two cones, while racing the other teams. We had to touch the wall and come back.,and then sit down so we can win.

Lastly we played a game of octopus, the sqaure was small so we had to step the other taggers.

I enjoyed learnind how to step in ki o rahi,  I think I did well on the stepping relay race, I need to improve on stepping faster.


Today I learned how to write a polite email.

First, we revised how to write a polite email.

Next we learned how to be polite when we join zoom, we made sure we had our microphones off and our camra on, and sit againt the wall and evod using backrounds, wait for the call to end.

Lastly we wrote a fake email, and we made a poster about, polite email writing.

Te Reo

Today with whaea odie, we learnt how to add numbers together and we also learned some new words.

First whaea odie spread out the cards, I learnt how to say some new numbers in moari. For Example, king which is kingi, and queen which is kuini.

Then we learnt how to say the higher number like 201 or even 305 . whaea odie had to says a random number in maori and we had to find the number.

Lastly we repeted and practised how to say the numbers.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt how to say big numbers in moari.

Reading Analog Time

This week we have learned how to read analog time.

First we had to look at the time on the slide and write down what the hour, minutes, and what is the time altogether.

Next I did the same thing for all the other slides, I also had to write the time in words.

Lastly I had to use the interactive timer to create our own time differences for our partner.

Parts Of Speech

The parts of speech are an English words can be categorised into 8 or 9 different kind of words.

Nouns are a things that can be talked about objects “place, and ideas” , For an example: I slept soundly in my comfy bed  the noun in this sentence is “slept”.

Adjectives are words that describes nouns. For an example: “You clean up that stinky laundry, quickly!” yelled Mum. The adjective is in this sentence is “Stinky”.

Verbs are actions of movement, actions of thought and actions of being. For an example: The sheep voracioucly ate grass, the verb in this sentence is “ate”.

Adverbs are words that describe the verbs. For an example: My friend ate so quickly that he vomited. The adverb in this sentence is  “quickly”.

Nouns are a things that can be talked about objects, Adjectives are words that describes nouns, Verbs are actions of movement, actions of thought and actions of being, Adverbs are words that describe the verbs.

Observable Information

Observable information is somthing that can be seen directly. Literal information is information that is printed or written down.

Observable information can be seen without guessing extra information. For example, in the first slide, there  is a boy wearing a red shirt. on my second slide, There are two teams with different colour shirts, green and yelllow.

Literal information is understanding information from a image or text.

Osberbable information and literal information is a true piece of information from a text or image.






We used prototec to test ourselfs

First I timed myself to see how many question I can answer. I got 4/36.

Next I did the normal sheet, there was no time limit. I got 24/36.

Lastly I wrote my wrong answers in my math book.

I enjoyed testing myself, I think Im good at the normal sheet, I need to improve on my time tables.


Imaginative Recount

This week we wrote a story about Zombie apocolypes.

first we made a brainstorm plan about motorcross.

Next we did a backwords s plan, revel, event 1, event 2, event 3, and ending.

Lastly I wrote a recount draft about the zombie apocolypes in a google doc.

I enjoyed writing the story about zombie apocolypes, I think Im good at making a plan, I need to improve on writing a better story.

World War 1

This week we learned about world war one.

First we watched and read some articals about rats and lice.

Next we wrote the event and effect, for example: rats the size of cats were in the trenches. Lice sat inside the soldiers’ clothing, [Event].

Lastly we checked through our work to make sure we had no mistakes.

I enjoyed finding information about the world war one, I think Im good at finding the events and effects, I need to improve on writing better sentences.