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Comment Thread

I created a comment thread with Myah.

A comment thread is a conversation about learning using your blog comments section.

To do a comment you need to reply to somebody who commented on your blog. After you have replied, the first person will reply again, until you have created a conversation.

To make a good comment you need to have a greeting, a helpful comment, a positive comment, a question, a thoughtful comment, and a connection.

How to Write an Information Report

After reading this blog you will know how to write an Information Report.


  1. Paper Or Netbook
  2. Pen Or Pencil

Steps (Information Report)

  1. Find a topic your writing about
  2. Use the third person
  3. write your title
  4. Write 3 sentences for your introduction
  5. Explain the topic
  6. Write a short summary

Steps (Explanation)

  1. Find a topic that is technology
  2. Write a intro for the topic 
  3. Explain some of parts from the topic
  4. Write a short summary 

Kawa Of Care

This week for cybersmart we learnt the responsibilities of our netbook.

First we read a slide about our devices.

Nexts we learned the two differences: they were school responsible and responsible use.

Lastly we went into two different groups for a test. When we got in the  two groups we had to send up two people from  each group .Whoever answered the question first  would win a point for their team. It was a tie between the two teams.

I enjoyed going against other groups, I need to improve on remembering the kawa of care, I think I did well on remembering some of the kawa of care answers.

How to write a blog post

To write a blog post you need these 4 steps.

  1. The first thing is put a title.
  2. The next step is to put the text.
  3.  Then put your diagram.
  4. Then put a label.

The 4 things you need in your blog is a title, text, diagram, label.


Today I learned how to write a polite email.

First, we revised how to write a polite email.

Next we learned how to be polite when we join zoom, we made sure we had our microphones off and our camra on, and sit againt the wall and evod using backrounds, wait for the call to end.

Lastly we wrote a fake email, and we made a poster about, polite email writing.

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