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We used prototec to test ourselfs

First I timed myself to see how many question I can answer. I got 4/36.

Next I did the normal sheet, there was no time limit. I got 24/36.

Lastly I wrote my wrong answers in my math book.

I enjoyed testing myself, I think Im good at the normal sheet, I need to improve on my time tables.


Fact Families

This week we did fact families.

First we got into groups of six we lined up and and who ever is at the back of you is in your group, each person had a diffesrent times table.

Next we wrote down what tables we want to do on a google slide, For example : 4×4=16, 4×4=16, 16÷4=4, 16÷4=4.

Last we had to answer our question with counters we did the same thing for the other qestions.

I enjoyed using the counters to answer the qestions, I think Im good at using the counters,  I need to improve on my times tables.