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PE / Netball

Today we learned some skills about Netball.

First we revised chest passing, we got into group of three, to pass you need to make a w with your hand and pass by your chest.

Next we did relay were we had to make a line spread out and pass the ball over and under we also did side to side passing.

Then we got into 2 teams and one team made a circle and they had to chest pass the ball to each other while the other team gets into a line and each person goes around the circle one by one, we had to try and beat the other team by how much passes.

Lastly we played a real game of Netball.


Today we revised our hockey skills.

First we revised our dribbling skills by playing a game called taniwha, we all spread out and we tried to stop taniwha from taking the ball and hitting our foot.

Next we played a game called dribble dribble push pass, we had colour cones all around us, we had to dribble two times and then push pass to our partner. When Mr Ogilive said blue, red, yellow, or green, we had to move to that colour cone and dribble dribble push pass to our partner so our partner could touch the cone.

Lastly we played a game of 4 corner hockey, we had 4 teams blue, red, yellow, and green. Push pass to our colour cone.

I enjoyed playing 4 conner hockey. I think Im good at dribbling. I need to improve on my dribble dribble push pass.




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