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Own Story

I learnt how to write my own story.

First I brainstormed characters, character names, and the settings. For example: hangry is a character name.

Next I planned my story on a narrative planner, the structure of a narrative is TOPES.

I enjoyed this because I learnt how to write my own story. I did well on planning my story, I need to improve on making it more interesting.


How to write a Recount

How to write a recount.


  1. Paper or Netbook
  2. Pen or pencil


  1. Find a topic you want to write about.
  2. Write a title for the topic.
  3. Write a paragraph about what you did.
  4. Write what you did next and last.
  5. Write your personal reflection.

If you follow these steps you will create a good recount.


Persuasive Text

This week for writing we learnt about a persuasive text.

First we had to highlit the reson for the text, for example, Mobile Wash I wrote an advertisement.

Lastly I explained the answer with detail, for example, Mobile wash is trying to make someone do call them so they can clean your carpets.

I enjoyed this task because I  learnt what a  persuasive text is, I need to improve on writing more details.I did well on explaining the text.

Parts Of Speech

The parts of speech are an English words can be categorised into 8 or 9 different kind of words.

Nouns are a things that can be talked about objects “place, and ideas” , For an example: I slept soundly in my comfy bed  the noun in this sentence is “slept”.

Adjectives are words that describes nouns. For an example: “You clean up that stinky laundry, quickly!” yelled Mum. The adjective is in this sentence is “Stinky”.

Verbs are actions of movement, actions of thought and actions of being. For an example: The sheep voracioucly ate grass, the verb in this sentence is “ate”.

Adverbs are words that describe the verbs. For an example: My friend ate so quickly that he vomited. The adverb in this sentence is  “quickly”.

Nouns are a things that can be talked about objects, Adjectives are words that describes nouns, Verbs are actions of movement, actions of thought and actions of being, Adverbs are words that describe the verbs.

Imaginative Recount

This week we wrote a story about Zombie apocolypes.

first we made a brainstorm plan about motorcross.

Next we did a backwords s plan, revel, event 1, event 2, event 3, and ending.

Lastly I wrote a recount draft about the zombie apocolypes in a google doc.

I enjoyed writing the story about zombie apocolypes, I think Im good at making a plan, I need to improve on writing a better story.

Simple Sentence

We learnt how to write simple sentences. 

First we revised time states present, past, and future  

Next we revised verb states: continuous, perfect and simple.

Then we learned what a simple sentence is. A sentence has a subject is an actor, verb is a doing word, object a reviser of an action. For example[ she spoke ] has a subject and a verb but [she spoke to him ]has a subject verb and object.

Lastly, we wrote simple sentences for  three photos. used the comments to write sentences.

I enjoyed  finding the verbs, objects and subjects . I am good at finding verb object and subject. I need to improve on writing simple sentences.


Giant Tic Tac Toe Game

Last week we played a game called Tic Tac Toe but in real life. 

First we got the sports equipment ready for the game. Next we got into  teams of 4. The teams were Yellow, Blue, green, and red.

Then we got bibs the same colour as our teams. Each team got three bibs and the fourth person could  make a move if we made a mistake. The goal was to connect three with our bibs. 

Afterwards we spreaded out to talk about our strategy.Then we made a connect three and we won!

Last game we had a person from each team to tell us where to put our bibs. The person had to stay at the back of the tic tac toe square to tell us where to put our bibs to win the game.

I enjoyed this game because it hleps me collaborate with my team. I think I ‘am good at running. I need to improve on putting the bib in the right place.


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