Summarising / Keywords

This week I learned about summarising.

First we read a book called goldilocks. We all had to talk about why goldilocks should not go inside a bear’s house.

Next we all discuss the questions on the slide For example: Should she have fixed the chair that she broke.

Then we wrote 20 keywords on the side and then we had to pick out 6 important words that will help us make a sentence flow.

Lastly I made a poster explaining what summarising is: Summarising is when you write or say a story in fewer/less words.

I enjoyed summarising, I think I did well on explaining what summarising is. I need to improve on writing better sentences.

2 thoughts on “Summarising / Keywords

  1. Kia ora Miley
    I like how you explained what summarising is.
    I did not know summarising is writing a senntence with not much words.
    I really like your DLO.
    I think goldilocks should of fixed the chair.
    I think you could of explained what a summarising a little more.
    Do you think goldilocks should of fixed the chair?

  2. Hi Jaylee
    Thank you for writing such a nice comment.
    Ok next time i will try and explain what summarising is a little more.
    And yes I do think that goldilocks should have fixed the chair.
    I wonder why goldilocks didn’t fix the chair.