Tag: Maths

Basic Facts Boxes

I completed a basic facts can-do in multiplication.

my finishing time was 2 minutes and 13 seconds and i got all of the answers correct.

I did well on getting all the answers correct, I need to improve beng for faster while doing my multiplication.


I learnt about temperature.

First Miss white told us what Temperature is measured in, it’s measured in degrees but it’s also called degrees c.

Next I had to make a copy of a google docs where it had questions like ” The temperature falls by 5 degrees from 8 degrees the new temperature?” and I had to answer it, I also learnt rise means add and fall means takeaways.

Lastly I made a DLO talking about what the hottest place on earth is and what the coldest place on earth

I enjoyed learning about temperature,  I need to improve answering the questions faster.


Basic Facts Boxes

I finished a task called basic facts.

First I had to set a timer.

Next I did the addition in order. I got a 100%.

I enjoy this because I get to test myself on maths so I can finish faster more often. I did well on maths. I need to improve on doing it a little faster.


I learnt how to measure time. I also learnt the two different times Digital and Analog time.

First I learnt two different times. Digital time and analog time. These two times are different because digital time is on a type of technology: phones and ipad

Next I made random times, For example : The digital time is 9:55 and the analog time would be 5 to 10.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt two different types of time. I need to improve on finding out the hour hand. I did well on guessing the minute hand


I learned what lenght is.

First we learned what lenght is. Lenght is measuring an object by the longest side of the object you are measuring. For ex: I am measuring a netbook.  I have to find the longest side of the object and thats the side i have to measure.

Next we learned the different types of way to measure a object. The different types of measure are milimetres, centimetres, meters, kilometres.

Then we made a google slide and had to measure 6 objects telling the lenght and what type of measure it was. There was two slide where you had to measure anything you want.

Lastly I made a DLO explaning what is lenght and what are the different types if lenght to measure it.

I enjoyed measuring the objects. I did well on knowing the length of objects, I need to improve on measuring.

Reading Analog Time

This week we have learned how to read analog time.

First we had to look at the time on the slide and write down what the hour, minutes, and what is the time altogether.

Next I did the same thing for all the other slides, I also had to write the time in words.

Lastly I had to use the interactive timer to create our own time differences for our partner.

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