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HPE / T – Ball

Today we played T-Ball at Kellysport.

First we played a relay race, the first person in the group would throw the ball and the other team would try and catch it while your trying to run back and fourth until they put the ball back in spot.

Then for the last game we played a game where it was like the relay race but you had to hit the ball and get into the circle and then the next person does the same thing and the person in the circle has to move to the other one.

I enjoyed playing T – Ball and trying to get inside the circle as fast as we can, I think I did well on running fast, and I need to improve on hitting the ball higher.


Today we learned how to play netball.

First we practiced passing the ball and defending the ball. There were two defenders and there were two people to shoot the ball.

Next we had to get into two teams bibs and non-bibs and we had to get all of the balls from one hoop to the other, but we coulden’t run with the ball only the ones who did not have the ball could run. So we got into a line and pass the ball to each other.

Lastly we played a game called Jedi  netball. There was a Jedi which is a person who heals people if they are sitting down, we had to try and block the ball from hitting the Jedi if we catch the ball then the person who threw the ball has to sit down, we played 5 or 6 rounds and we lost.

I enjoyed playing Jedi netball, I think I did good at passing, I need to improve on getting people out by hitting the ball.

Ripper Ruby

This week foe pe we did Ripper Rugby.

The first thing we did is passing, we all got into groups of 4 and we passed the rugby ball.

Next we did a Rely race we had to pass the ball at the person beside us we had 3 people in a line, and we had to go all the way to the end and come back.

Lastly we played Ripper tag we had 2 teams on each side bule and red on one and the same on the other, 3 people from each team would go in the sqaure and we would try to rip each others tags, and the red team won [which was my team].

I enjoyed playing rely race, I need to improve on being faster when playing rely race, I did well on Ripper tag.

Ki O Rahi / Stepping

Today I learned how to step in ki o rahi.

First Ahli demonstration to the class how to step.

Next we played a stepping relay, We had to step to two cones, while racing the other teams. We had to touch the wall and come back.,and then sit down so we can win.

Lastly we played a game of octopus, the sqaure was small so we had to step the other taggers.

I enjoyed learnind how to step in ki o rahi,  I think I did well on the stepping relay race, I need to improve on stepping faster.

Kelly Sport Soccer

Today LS1 learned some sooccer skills on the field. Our coach’s name was  Chelsea.

First we learned how to dibble the soccer ball. We were split into two teams and we played against each other. We had to dibble the ball to the other side and put our hands on our head after we had our trun.

After we  were put into pairs and we learned to pass and stop the ball. when we pass the ball with our non dominant foot should be facing where we want to pass the ball.

Lastly we played a big game of soccer. The goal was to pass the ball amongst your team, 8 times.

I enjoyed learning how to dibble, I think I did well on passing the ball, I need to improve on kicking the ball the straight.

T – Ball Skills

We revised and learned more T ball skills.

First we warmed up by playing noodle tag there were four taggers they had to try and tag us if we get tagged we have to ballence with one foot and count to ten.

Next coach cameron taught us about the home base with the ball on the top needs to be by your belly botten and bat, he also taught us about holding the bat, you have to put your left hand at the bottom and your right hand at the top, you need  your legs apart, make sure  your facing sideways.

Lastly we played t ball, we swicthed 3 or 4 times before the game ended.

I enjoyed playing against each other, I think Im good at hitting the ball, I need to improve on running faster.

T – Ball Skills

Today we learned how to use different t-ball skills.

First we warmed up by playing noodle tag, there were 3 tagers and they had to try and tag us with the noodle.

Next we practised running by playing relay race, there was holahops around us and we had hit the ball with a bat and run to the hop and try to get back to your spot.

Lastly we practised hitting the ball, catching the ball, and running.

I enjoyed warming up, I think I’m good at playing the relay race, I need to improve on catching the ball.


Today we revised our hockey skills.

First we revised our dribbling skills by playing a game called taniwha, we all spread out and we tried to stop taniwha from taking the ball and hitting our foot.

Next we played a game called dribble dribble push pass, we had colour cones all around us, we had to dribble two times and then push pass to our partner. When Mr Ogilive said blue, red, yellow, or green, we had to move to that colour cone and dribble dribble push pass to our partner so our partner could touch the cone.

Lastly we played a game of 4 corner hockey, we had 4 teams blue, red, yellow, and green. Push pass to our colour cone.

I enjoyed playing 4 conner hockey. I think Im good at dribbling. I need to improve on my dribble dribble push pass.